Change The Drinking Age?

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While watching the news tonight, I heard a reporter discussing how there was a push for bringing the drinking age down to 18. Well, if I was a 16 year old kid, then I probably would be all for this idea; however, I am already of legal age to drink and I do not agree with bringing the age down to 18.

Although, I don’t think they should keep the age at 21, either. I think the perfect age would be 19. The age of 18 is just a bit too young. After all, there are several high school seniors that turn 18 before high school graduation. I do not like the idea of high school students being able to drink. How weird would it be for a 40 year old high school math teacher to be sitting at a bar while drinking a beer and watching the football game, when suddenly, one of his senior students walks into the bar and pulls a chair right up next to him and downs a cold beer. There is just something really wrong with that scenario. The idea of a college professor drinking a beer at the same bar as a college student seems OK, but a high schooler at a bar with a high school teacher? Plus, this would make life more stressful for high school teachers who need to go out and vent off steam. If you change the age to 18, then teachers will have to worry about what bar they go to, so as not to run into their students while they are downing shots with their single, middle-aged friends.

If you bring the age to 19 instead of 18, then at least the majority of the kids will already be out of high school. By age 19, most kids are either in college or are starting “real life.” In either case, they will start to learn the art of being responsible and suddenly drinking beer won’t be as big of a deal. For the kids passing on college and starting the real-life, they will see that earning money is much more important than getting drunk, so the chances of them drinking every night will probably be slim whether they are of legal age or not. And as for college . . . yes, college is notorious for drinking beer, but not every college kid is like the typical frat boy that you see in spring break movies. There are plenty of students who only drink once or twice a week, as opposed to every single night. Plus, most 19 year old college students live on campus, so they never have to worry about driving home after getting intoxicated from the case of beer that they just bought.


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