Smokers Need Your Support! Don't Butt Them Out!

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One of the most difficult things in life is for a smoker to quit smoking. People who have never suffered from this addiction do not realize how amazingly difficult this can be:

-It is more addictive than chocolate.

-It is more addictive than sports.

-It is more addictive than the internet.

-It is more addictive than video games.

-It is more addictive than sex.

-It is more addictive than money.

-It is even more addictive than reality TV!!!

In addition to the pure nicotine addiction, quitting is almost an impossible feat because this is one of the most accessible addictions in the world! You can find cigarettes anywhere you go. You can find them at gas stations, grocery stores, and even pharmacies. What is up with that, anyways? Establishments like CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens are built on the reputation of supplying vital products and prescriptions to maintain and improve human health, YET, they all sell cigarettes! There is something very wrong about that!

Cigarettes are also cheap . . . well, cheap in comparison to some other things that you could be addicted to! Don’t ever try to convince a smoker that they can save a ton of money by quitting smoking. Truth be told, some smokers even LOSE money when they quit smoking, as they often end up buying a ton of food, candy, and gum to make up for those nicotine sessions.

Furthermore, cigarettes are 100% legal, as opposed to some of those “other” addiction-prone products, so you never have to worry about being sent to jail and sharing a cell with a big “friendly” guy named Bubba.

And to make matters even more difficult, you can smoke pretty much anywhere you want as long as you’re outside, on a patio, or in a dive bar . . . and if you don’t mind living in smoke, you can even smoke in your own home! Heck, you can even smoke when you drive! It’s pretty much the only drug-related product that you can effectively and legally utilize while operating a vehicle without being hampered by drowsy side effects, double vision, migraines, or diarrhea.

With all of this being said, it is the job of all of the non-smokers to support these people as much as they can. More importantly, they must AVOID ridiculing them and frowning upon them. This type of behavior will not help the cause. If anything, it will cause the smokers to smoke even MORE! Ultimately, it is up to the smoker to put an end to this habit, but any help and support they can attain from others will do wonders! That one time that you offer moral support to a smoker could be the icing on the cake to help him or her quit . . . and could help save a life in the long run!


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