Job Tips: A Good Resume Is Not Enough!

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It’s a no-brainer to say you need a great resume to earn yourself an interview in this tough job market, but a great resume will only get you so far. Presenting a professional resume and earning a call back is only half the battle. If you don’t prepare properly for the interview, then you’ll be back to square one and searching for jobs again just like the millions of other unemployed people around the country.

Here are some helpful tips that will significantly improve your chances of landing that job.

1.) Don’t be afraid to overdress. What’s the worst that can happen by overdressing? Hmmm, maybe they’ll remember you more than the others, who simply wore nice shoes and an ironed shirt, with no tie or jacket. Well, that’s a GOOD thing. Having them remember you is not a bad thing! It could only be a bad thing if you dressed like a total SLOB and came in there with tennis shoes and a baseball cap! So don’t be afraid to wear that jacket and tie. This will show them you sincerely care about getting this job. If you dress too casual, then they may think YOU are too casual!

2) Sit up straight and look up! You may be extremely nervous and have habits of looking down or slouching in your chair. Don’t do that! Confidence will get you far, so looking down on the floor instead of looking the person in the eyes will definitely go against you. Make as much eye contact as possible.

3) Don’t stumble or say “umm” or “uh” a lot when responding to their questions. You’d be amazed by how many times people actually use these “words” when talking. It is a turnoff and shows a great deal of uncertainty. You must make yourself very aware of what is coming out of your mouth. If need be, take a couple seconds to script out your answer before blurting out before thinking. Don’t try to speak faster than your brain functions! This always has a bad result.

4) At the end of the interview, they will most likely ask you “So, do you have any final questions?” Even if you don’t have anything you are wondering about, make something up. If you reply by saying “No,” then they may get the impression that you don’t take that extra step into your projects/assignments and are afraid to ask questions. A great question to ask is something like “Is this a new position, or am I replacing somebody that left?” If you are replacing somebody, then ask why that person left. It is a somewhat forward question, but it shows you have some guts. Plus, it’s an original question, as opposed to other boring questions like “How much is the starting salary?” or “When does medical insurance take effect?”

5) FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! When you get back home from the interview, IMMEDIATELY log onto your computer and send them a nice e-mail, expressing how thankful you are for having the chance to meet with them. Let it be known that you are still VERY interested in the position. Sometimes, a nice and thankful follow up letter is exactly what will put you ahead of the other people that were “even” with you after interviews. Sending follow-ups should be a no-brainer action, but many people still fail to perform this vital step.

Use the above mentioned tips and you’re sure to greatly increase your chances of starting work soon! Good luck!


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