The Return Of The Orlando Predators!

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Good news, Orlando Preds fans! Our team is finally back! After what seemed like DECADES, the Orlando Predators arena football team will be back in action in less than two weeks! As a dedicated season-ticket holder for over five years, I am still a bit bitter by how loyal fans were treated during the two-year absence. The way they fed us broken promises of new seasons, as well as the way they gave ticket buyers the runaround and basically kept our money “hostage,” was utterly disappointing and disgraceful, but as furious as I was with the Orlando Predators organization, I am still very excited about this upcoming season! Like I said, I was very disgusted by what took place during the past two years, but I was even MORE disgusted by the lack of arena football! So I’ll bury my grudges and cheer on the Preds just as crazily as I did before the seasons were canceled! Hopefully, the other hardcore fans are willing to forgive the Preds, as well, so we can have some loud and rowdy crowds of 12,000+ this season!

For those that love to party and tailgate, you will be extremely pleased by this season’s schedule! There are NO SUNDAY AFTERNOON GAMES! Yes! No more having to drag yourself out of bed after a long Saturday night to make a noon kickoff time! Four of the home games will be played on Friday night and the other four regular season home games will be played on Saturday nights! Some of the familiar team names are no longer in the AFL, but have no worries . . . the hated Tampa Bay Storm are still around . . . the WAR ON I-4 will continue! Tuck Fampa!! If you have yet to see a schedule of this season’s home games, then here you go:

Game #1

Friday, April 30th @ 7:30 PM, vs. Iowa Barnstormers

Game #2

Friday, May 21st @ 7:30 PM, vs. Milwaukee Iron

Game #3

Saturday, May 29th @ 7:30 PM vs. Tampa Bay Storm*** (if you only go to one game, make it this one)

Game #4

Saturday, June 12th @ 7:30 PM vs. Spokane Shock

Game #5

Friday, June 18th @7:30 PM vs. Jacksonville Sharks

Game #6

Saturday, July 3rd @ 7:30 PM vs. Cleveland Gladiators

Game #7

Friday, July 9th @ 7:30 PM vs. Alabama Vipers

Game #8

Saturday, July 24th @ 7:30 PM vs. Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs

Hope to see you all in the jungle soon! This season should be a blast! Go Preds!


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