How To Get The Most Free Airline Perks.

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Over four million people fly everyday, all around the world, from short junkets to international, transcontinental flights, and many passengers simply pay their fares and hop on the plane, oblivious to the extras and perks that can be had by following a few simple tips.  The constant traveler should have all of the airline’s air miles club cards, perks cards and anything else that that particular airline offers it’s regular passengers.  Being a regular passenger for an airline is much akin to being a regular user of rental cars, insofar that the company will bend over backwards to keep you as a regular client, and to keep you away from the competition.

Knowing that other airlines offer sporadic sales and other perks to try and steal their customers away and fill their own seats, many airlines offer air miles rewards, where for every mile you fly, you are awarded one air mile.  With the accumulation of so many air mile through the airline’s air miles club, you can arrange for reduced prices on flights, free flights, free hotel stays and other perks.

For people who shop with plastic instead of cash, as well as Internet shopping, tips on how to get airline perks starts with using only air miles credit cards.  Doing so can build up a lot of miles on an annual basis.  Do all of your grocery shopping, clothes and household items, car rentals and airfares, vacations and business trips should all be placed on your best air miles credit card.  As long as you pay your balance off at night, after getting home from shopping, you will never pay interest, and will get a lot of free perks for using their credit card.

The longer in advance that you book your flight, the cheaper the flight will be, and that is one of the basic rites of airliner perks.  Almost every major airline offers reduced rates for booking far in advance, so book your flight as soon as you know the dates of your trip.  Another way to make great perks at airlines is in being flexible.

If an airplane is full, they will need to “bump” a few passengers to a later flight.  Or, if there are only 3 seats left, and a family of 4 is desperate to get on the plane, you can volunteer to be bumped to a later flight.  In doing so, you will be given either a free or greatly reduced flight in the future.  This also works as an enticement for you to travel that particular airline in the future, as you would have had a great experience and want to try to duplicate your luck.  Don‘t laugh, there‘s a little city call Las Vegas that was built upon this premise.  Oh, well, that and a fool and his money are soon parted.

Most airlines offer great discounts for college and university students.  You can sign up with some free, on-line college courses, get your student identification, and then just not bother with the course (or, complete it).  You will get the student rates, and they can not say that you are too old to be a student, as that would be age discrimination.  Backing an airline into a corner, where they are faced with either giving a few, free perks to you or getting some really bad publicity, they will give the perks away every time.  It is just so much cheaper for them to do so.

For the more established writers, being a part-time travel writer is the best way to pile up heaps of free airline tickets, car rentals,  hotel rooms, meals and more.  However, if you do write an unfavourable review of the airline for your established website or a travel magazine, don’t expect too much more than the agreed fee for writing for them.

Travel safe.  Travel informed.


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