Farmville New Gifts Released 3/23/2010

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Moments after FarmVille pulled the gold coins and pot of gold items from the Free Gift tab, new free giftables appeared. Here are the new FarmVille giftables that you can send your friends and receive in return.

FarmVille New Gifts Released 3/23/2010: Magnolia Tree

A New Tree!

There is a cool, white Dogwood tree available for Farm cash, and it has been available for a while. If you like the lighter colored trees, you can send the new FarmVille Magnolia Tree gift.

Magnolia Tree on FarmVille

FarmVille New Gifts Released 3/23/2010: Small Hill

The new small hill is a pretty addition to a spring farm. It resembles the Lavender hill, but does not seem as big. The FarmVille Small Hill is adorned with a purple flower and some off-white flowers. With some imagination, they could be hills of violets. The FarmVille Small Hills is merely decorative and is best for farmers who can spare some room for decorations.

Small Hill on FarmVille

FarmVille New Gifts Released 3/23/2010: Fruit Crate on FarmVille

Another decoration is the new gift of a Fruit Crate on FarmVille. If you already own a French bread cart and some spring flower wagons, the FarmVille Fruit Crate makes a nice edition for a farmers’ market. Maybe someday FarmVille will treat us all to hotdog carts for our FarmVille parks.

FarmVille Fruit Crate

There were a couple more free FarmVille gifts for that were appearing, including a cone. The gold coins came back, so apparently these free gifts were released too soon, and the gold coins were pulled to fast.


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