Revues Of Films I Have Seen But Shouldn’t Have Bothered To #1 Green Zone – The Bourne Identity Crisis

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Matt Damon can run. Director Paul Greengrass has proved this before in the last 2  Bourne films, both of which were enjoyable exciting entertainment.  Matt Damon being chased by everybody else. Damon runs faster, drives harder, kills better.  Strong stories good characters.

Green Zones papier mâché characters led by Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Damon) go running around Saddam’s Iraq looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction at the beginning of the invasion of Baghdad. Trouble is, every area  they investigate is a wasted effort, there aren’t any weapons and Miller suspects they are purposely being given wrong intelligence. Miller finds out that the ‘high ranking’ source is none other than General Al Rawi who is very close to Saddam Hussein and the USA’s ‘Jack of Clubs’ on their infamous deck of cards.  Miller is approached by an Iraqi who calls himself. Freddy (probably Farid)  with information  about Al Rawi’s whereabouts.  Miller follows Freddy with some trusted members of his unit and raids the house but Al Rawi escapes. Miller takes a prisoner and finds a notebook that probably belongs to Al Rawi  but then Miller realises  something is wrong when a Special Forces unit snatches his prisoner and Miller has no choice but to pass the notebook to Freddy for safekeeping.

Miller finds an ally in seasoned CIA agent Brown and shares his information but the US Government’s Special Forces unit comes after Miller when he tries to contact Al Rawi to find out the truth about the cover up.

Luckily, Matt Damon can run. With so much moral rectitude, perhaps he should run for president. I always thought soldiers were supposed to follow orders and not ask questions. This is where the film becomes Bourne-like with Miller on the run from his own side except it’s badly lit, cut too fast, no car chase and no close combat Krav Maga, all that’s left is the aforementioned cardboard characters, a second rate action sequence and a thin implausible plot. The only remarkable thing about this film is the positive revues it’s been getting. Disappointing but at least Matt Damon can run. Maybe he should run for his life.


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