" The Appointment You Won't Miss"

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The world is constantly on the move.  The pace is hectic and stressful, hustle, bustle, rush-rush.  We are late for this appointment.  We are late for that appointment.  What chaos we live in.  Business meetings, seminars, soccer, recitals you name it we do it.  No wonder we can’t keep up.  How many times have you been late or missed an important appointment? Does it leave you in a lurch?  Well, join the rest of the world.  Everyone is experiencing the same frustrations. Inundated calendars, planners bursting at the seam, infinite emails, “Help!” 

 Take a few minutes to breathe and clear your thoughts.  Now contemplate this, what if you could be everywhere you need to be at the time you need to be there?  Wouldn’t that make life easier?  Now wake up and hit the ground, come back to reality.  It is not going to happen, but there is one important appointment that will not be delayed, missed or rescheduled.  The appointment is “Death”. No matter what is on your agenda at that moment, this appointment will supersede it.  No one knows the exact time, day or year, but we will all experience this appointment.  There will be no companions. No mothers, fathers or children.  This appointment is personalized just for you.  You don’t have to dress in any certain manner.  No reservations or transportation is necessary.  The appointment only requires your presence. To arrive at this appointment there are no directions, no street signs, maps or navigation devices.  The only indication is a meter that reads “Time Expired.” 

Today is a gift that is why it is called the present.  Tomorrow is a mystery because it is not promised. Are you prepared for your appointment?


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