How to Pack And Ship a Computer System

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Did you ever wonder how in the world you were going to pack up your computer to send it in for repairs?  Or are you planning on shipping an entire computer system to your child away at college?  Well, here are some basic tried and true tips for safely packing and shipping your computer system.

1)      Always use a brand new corrugated box.  A computer system will normally fit in 2 to 3 large boxes.

2)      Line the box with 1 inch thick Styrofoam board purchased from your local hardware store like Home Depot or Menards.

3)      Tape an additional piece of foam to the screen of the monitor for extra protection.  Then wrap the monitor in thick bubble wrap and tape tightly.  Also bubble wrap the keyboard.

4)      Next, layer the bottom of the box with the foam board and then with 2 inches of Styrofoam packing peanuts. Gently place the monitor and keyboard in the box and surround them with more of the peanuts making sure they disperse evenly so the items cannot move.  Apply a top layer of foam board and securely seal the box.

5)      Repeat the process for the tower, printer and any remaining components.

6)      Always group cords together in a plastic bag.

7)      Apply fragile stickers generously around the box.

8)      Write the address on the box several times and always cover with clear tape in case of inclement weather during travel.

9)      Insure your computer system accordingly through your shipper of choice and always keep records of your tracking numbers.

10)  You may also utilize the “double box method” while packing your computer system in lieu of the Styrofoam board, still ensuring protection against the vibration and shock experienced in transit.


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