After Her Death

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You might be covered

by eyelids closed

over your whole being,

or reach with desperation

for something alive

to hold onto.

Your fingertips will hide

in a fist. No more palms

open to life.

Humbled, the very ground

will seem so large. Someday

the earth will own you.

Or you see there no time

to waste, and plow

into previously feared goals.

Try to be patient

if it takes you years

to return.

This is the exit from Eden,

when you have chosen life

while wanting to die.

This is the fall that gives

wisdom, perspective, gratefulness.

It is worth the crawl, back to life.

Life after death can be such revealing. It’s possible that the truth sometimes caomes out. Sometimes the dead never leave. Then that depends who you ask. Knowing that one day our number will be called should make it alittle more easier to be gratful to what we have and our loved ones.

Sometimes life after death can bring joy, there is no more suffering nor stress. Sometimes we are dealt a deck we don’t think we can handle and in the beginning it will be hard, but with time it will slowly heal, however the memories will never go away and the thoughts of happiness will stay within you. So remember never take anything for granted because in the end you never really got a chance to live life if you do.

Just be grateful for what you have today and live life to the fullist.


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