Weight loss tips: Suppressing your appetite

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Suppressing your appetite is important if you want to lose weight and we all do. People always want to lose more weight. What is the secret?Most diet pills can work but they have side effects and some may be bad for your heart. Products that contain ephedra should be avoided.Use natural herbs and tea that is not harmful to your health. The best one out there is green tea.green tea is one of the main ingredient in most diet pills so you know that they work.

Green tea is cheap and it works like a miracle. Just try three cups a day and your own to great weight loss and fast metabolism. I lost like 10 lbs within my first month of using it. It doesn’t have any harmful side effect. It does have one side effect and that is insomnia. This is only in certain people. I sleep like a baby with no problem. Whenever I drink green tea, I can only eat like one small meal. I don’t feel any hunger at all. This is a breakthrough for a lot of people but not many are on it. You should also give grapefruit juice a try too as it’s very good at helping your metabolism and digestion. You should not take too much diet pills as they’re not that safe for you in the long run and you will keep depending on it. You should try more natural and safe product like tea.


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