Eyes Wide Shut

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Who I was is who I want to be, I have no hold of what my future may give, but the present keeps taking.

There is no control of what it’s bringing, but giving anger. The anger that lives within is so evil, though how to burry, what’s inside to be able to move forward. There’s no control on the road we walk on, no control on the things we see, there’s no control on the people we meet along the way. We walk a road that we think was given to use, by design. What would really happen if we changed that design and took away part of it?  Could we change our destiny? What if we were grasping what we have and let it all go, could it be possible to start over and live? This life is a life so unveiling and full of crap that we keep digging through just to see what’s on the other side, however when you get there, you’re starting all over. To live this way is full of regret and one day you’re going to sit back and think, what if. This is a big world and it can make you feel like you’re all alone and empty. Reality is this world has millions of people, but the ratio is small to the ones we know and trust.

If we let go, would it all still come together? Are we here because we can’t let go? They are many questions that have no real answer, but what we make it. We live with control, control of our life, control of what we do, say and go. We stand with eyes trying to see our heart trying to feel and our bodies trying to move forward. However, it seems the only way to live, is to live within, live within our soul. Our soul can go anywhere, laugh, smile, and seek out whatever it may be looking for. Our soul is as free as one may ever be. Within our soul is a road with joy and happiness that we could only get a taste of. Your body tries to have what your soul lives, but only the imagination can dream of it. Stuck in this hell that we all call life, it’s full of sadness and anger. We all feel like we’re running around in a circle and getting nowhere.

Run as fast as you can and don’t look back. Keep looking forward and never let anything stop you. Keep your eyes ahead and close you hearing, for each step forward is one step closer to where you want to be. For every step you take is a reward, a reward you can’t get anywhere else. There is no reward for standing still and letting everything else get in your way.

Some people may try to stop you, some may try to force you, some may beg you to stay and others may trick you, but remember you only have one life and you only get one chance to live.

Before you have the time to realize it years have gone by and we have lost what we were working for. Before our eyes open we’ve lost more than we gained. You stand there and repeat to yourself it’s only got to get better from here, to only find you repeating it regularly. When is enough really enough? Do you let it keep going the way it is or do you finally tell yourself that the only way for change is to change it yourself?


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