Beauty Tips: How To Put On Makeup And Preserving Skin

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Don’t use foundation or concealer if you don’t need it.Wash your face and put on moisturizer before you put on makeup. Wear sunscreen underneath too. Use organic powder. Brush on only what you need. Don’t blend it everywhere. Use your fingers to blend everything. Use your brushes. Don’t leave things unblended.Don’t over use makeup and give your skin a chance to breathe.

Use sunlight to know if it’s the right shade. Don’t use the wrong color of powder or foundation or else it won’t look right. When doing makeup just know that less is more and in the long run your skin will be better. Using too much foundation or powder can ruin your skin in the long run. You should not use it at night when you go to sleep as that is not desirable and it can cause you to have more blemishes and oily face. You should always wash your face before going to bed and then put on moisturizer. It’s best to use as little foundation as possible as it’s very damaging for your skin.


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