Dating tips: how to be safe on date

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You can learn to be safe by doing a few things. You can scan your date for problems prior to meeting them. Learning to be safe is essential so that you don’t run into problems.

What you can do is to do at least 5 precautions before going out with a man. You can decide to go out with him after he has passed all of your test.It is our responsibility to make sure that we are on a safe date. No one can be responsible us but ourselves.You can interview him and ask him things and if he failed then you shouldn’t talk to him. You should not meet up with someone who seems unsafe to you. You should be able to know when they’re safe or not.You can chat on the phone first and then meet in person. It’s never wise to meet in person when you just met someone. Some place like the internet has some unsafe people.Remember, we are solely responsible for our safety. No one can ensure this for us but us.

Next time you going on date remember to scan your dates for various problems. If they seem problematic then skip that date. I was taught in nursing school that if something walks like a duck and talk like a duck and look like a duck then it is a duck. This means that if a guy looks like he’s a problem and walk like he’s a problem and talk like he’s a problem then he’s sure a problem.


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