“this Is A Big F******* Deal.” Biden Said What?

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Apparently someone forgot to tell Vice President Biden that the camera was on.  On the morning of a moment that will most assuredly make the history books, Vice President Biden expressed his sentiments to President Obama in what he thought would be a private exchange between them. 

After introducing Obama at the signing ceremony, Joe Biden whispered into Obama’s ear “This is a big (insert f-bomb here) deal,” apparently under the impression that the hundreds of cameras and microphones pointed in their direction couldn’t pick it up.  Haven’t they learned yet?  The camera and microphone are always on.  There is no such thing as a private exchange in the same room as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. 

Apparently the White House was quick to forgive his lack of grace in that particular moment.  Press secretary Robert Gibbs even agreed with him, via Twitter of course, stating “And yes, Mr. Vice President, you’re right.”  And, they both are.

This is a big (insert f-bomb here) deal, though I’m not sure if it’s for the betterment of the American public or not.  And neither are the members of the GOP across this great country.  Many representatives and senators have voiced their strongly worded concerns about the passing of this bill and what it really means for the American public.  As a matter of fact, Republican Representative Randy Neugebauer from Texas was so moved by his emotions during a speech made by fellow Representative Bart Stupak, a staunch anti-abortion Democrat he shouted out “baby killer”.  Apparently Stupak’s vote was critical to the passage of the bill and Neugebauer felt as though a swift and strong reminder about the abortion aspects of the bill would be enough to persuade him to vote no.  It didn’t work, and after an admonishment by the House and a very public spanking by the media, Neugebauer has said that he’s apologized to Stupak and issued the statement that it was the bill he was referring to as the baby killer, not Neugubauer.

Regardless of what we think, thanks to the hard work and outmaneuvering of the Democratic majority that currently controls both the House of Representatives, the Senate and the office of the Commander in Chief, we now have a new healthcare system…I think.  The Democratic Representative from New York, Gary Ackerman said it best, when after President Obama acknowledged the pain many experienced during the past year in getting this legislation to this historic point he shouted “Yes, we did!” intending it as a pun on Obama’s campaign slogan “Yes, we can!” 

President Obama signed the new healthcare bill into law on March 23, 2010, marking this moment in history…with twenty of so ink pens.  What’s with all that ink, many are wondering?  Is it a simple reflection of the gross over extravagance we should simply come to expect from this administration, or view it as it was intended, a small gesture of thanks to the many dedicated lawmakers that helped Obama push this one over the top?  You decide.


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