How To Give A Fussy Dog A Pill

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If you want to give a fussy dog a pill do not fear… it can be done! Giving my fussy dog a pill used to be a nightmare. But now I do it with ease!

Step 1:  Take a small piece of raw ground beef or cheese and place the pill into the center.

Step 2:  Roll the meat or cheese into a ball.

Step 3:  Give your dog a couple of pieces of beef or cheese without the pill.

Step 4:  Give your dog the piece of beef or cheese with the pill… it’s gone!

If your dog is the type that can get eat the food and still spit the pill out, ask your vet if you are allowed to crush the pill. If you can crush it, you can mix it into the raw ground meat or you can even mix it in a spoonful of ice cream. Your dog will lick it up!  And never let your dog see you getting his pill ready.  A dog will run from any treat if they think there is a pill hiding in it.

If you have any concerns about giving your dog a pill, it’s always best to contact your veterinarian.  And here is a tip you may not know… ask your vet if there is a human version of any meds your dog needs and get the meds at your pharmacy! You will save a ton of money if you don’t buy the meds from your vet. Vets are famous for over charging for meds that you can get cheaper at your pharmacy.


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