Thai and Swedish massages

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Giving a good massage can be fun. People enjoy massages most often. You can even make a career out of it like becoming a massage therapist.There’s two types of message one is Thai and the other one is Swedish that is most often use.

Massage can give a person better blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Massages can definitely release your tension and stress leading to better health overall. Too much stress build up is probably not a good thing for your health. When you do it you should avoid certain areas as they’re not safe such as the neck because major blood vessels are there and you can increase the chance of clotting moving up to the brain and you don’t want that because it can cause a stroke.

This is especially important for athletes or sporty people who often have pain. Good for people who work hard with their body.Swedish massage focus on tapping, kneading, compressing, long strokes.Thai massage focus on massaging with the person in a yoga like position for stretching effects. There are plenty of professional parlor that can do it for you if you suffer from sports pain or work pain. Chiropractor offices are especially good at this.


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