Orange County Tet festival : Bolsa Grande Tet festival

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There will be a Chinese celebration for the Chinese New Year. The date will be from Jan.30- Feb.1. You can be sure to attend those dates and it’s only there for three days. The last day is when you will get to see performances by more famous artists. You can get in free if you wear the traditional long dress. The event is hosted by student organizations from major University in OC and elsewhere. You can also sign up to participate in the singing contest if you’re good at it.

The community in OC will have a large festival at Bolsa Grande High School as usual. There were hundred and thousands visitors each time. It’s comprehensive with food, entertainment, games, promotion, shows, fashion show, dancing, and singing by famous artists. It’s located at the Park next to Bolsa Grande High School. Parking is very limited and you have to carpool and get there way early before the opening time so that you don’t get stuck out trying to find parking lot.

The neighbors are very pesky about a whole bunch of people jamming their neighborhood and they don’t really like that. If you don’t want bad things to happen to your car then you just need to park near the festival and out of the neighborhood. The price is about $5 a person which is very affordable for the great night full of entertainment, people and food. You can purchase it in person. You may not want to bring pets with you since it’s crowded and it’s hard to drag a pet around. is the website that you can fill out to be a food vendor. You can try to make some big bucks here with your food or just advertise your business.


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