Do They Know the Truth?

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Even Martians, if there are any, knew that Israel has been kicking Hamas’s a** for the last three weeks. Most news services have carried news of some kind or other recording the events on the ground in the Gaza Strip. Now Israel had been threatening to do this for quite a while with repeated warnings to cease and desist with the rocket launchings that Hamas was perpetrating on an almost daily basis over 8 years.  Consequently while the IDF was carrying out their operation, against the ‘brave’ resistance, where was Hamas since they were the supposedly elected leaders of their people. The leaders who had promised to liberate their poor downtrodden people from the Israeli yoke?

 Truth be told, Hamas was in hiding. Their intrepid leader Haniyeh was in a bunker somewhere directing his militants to disperse themselves among the Gazan population especially schools and hospitals so that they can ensure the highest civilian casualties when Israel struck. Hamas’s defenses, for all their bluster and brave words in the face of IDF warnings, turned out to be a veritable house of cards for as the IDF marched in Hamas just crumbled away. While shouting about their own bravery they executed this from behind the skirts of their women and schools and hospitals of their children, civilians, and sick. In keeping with warlord-terrorist tradition, their supreme leader Khaled Mashaal, doesn’t even live in the country. He has his operation in Damascus, Syria, operating under their sponsorship and protection.

 This is a sponsorship and protection that is conveniently ignored by the United Nations in its renewed efforts to blame Israel for every evil that happened. Still no mention is made of the Geneva conventions all of which have been documented in various reports, that Hamas has contravened. Yet, the ludicrous thing now is that UN officials are proposing to charge the IDF with war crimes suggesting that Gazan suffering is a direct result of Israeli aggression, no matter to what lengths the IDF went to ensure civilians were warned. However much the United Nations may have been originally chartered to be a forum for peace, it has become nothing but a mouthpiece for special interest groups, most of whom and rabidly anti-Israel, and anti USA for that matter.

 It is time that the blind woke up.  Time they looked and actually saw what is going on right before their eyes. The well known saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” is working in reverse today. Good men burning their energies out pursuing false ideals, while real obvious human issues fall by the wayside.  This is seen in society today where most people just don’t want to get involved in other people’s affairs, or troubles, even if they can see a solution. The UN is on its high horse about the deaths of terrorists in Gaza while at the same time in sub-Saharan Africa Arabs are perpetrating mass murder and a cleansing of their own kind, but this is largely ignored with a “yes yes, we know about that, tut tut.”

 Yesterday Iran announced in international news services that they would continue to supply Hamas with arms, saying that it is their ‘right’, in effect, to stockpile rockets and mortars to shoot against Israel. Hamas’s Prime Minister Ishmael Haniyeh announced to the world as well, that Hamas had ‘won’ the war simply by surviving the IDF assault. Any observer from around the world who can read and see images knows what happened and who prevailed, but then, how can one blame Haniyeh? He is obviously starting to believe the same lies that the Arab Education ministries write in their curricula to indoctrinate their children. For example, Egyptian teens have told me that Egypt showed mercy by allowing the IDF to return to Israel after the Sinai War. History records that conflict the other way around, but to many Middle Eastern nations the loser simply rewrites history.

 Unfortunately, if you repeat the lies enough, people start believing them, however no matter what we choose to believe, the reality is not going to change. What we choose to believe is up to us, and if we choose to believe contrived untruths and bold faced lies, then we must live with the consequences. Many good-meaning people rail against the injustices of the world and cry out for the truth to come out, but when the truth that comes is unpalatable to them, then they refuse to recognize it. Some thirty years ago an associate told me that when Christ died on the cross, it did not represent a victory for Satan. His death in fact, gave the evil one such a kick in the teeth that it took him some 600 odd years to recover. He then set about planning how to counter this new movement of Salvation that Christianity had brought to the world.


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