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ZoomText Information

ZoomText software is made by a company called AiSquared. It comes as a stand-alone magnifier, or as ZoomText 9.1, which combines the magnifier function with a reader function, and its quality is unmatched in the world. The magnifier function magnifies text on-screen from 1.5 times to 36 times normal size. It can be obtained through your state or province’s Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired.  You can also go to the website: www.aisquared.com to purchase the software and other products related to vision impairment online or to find a dealer near you.

  • ·         What ZoomText Does:
  • ·         ZoomText allows Vision-Impaired and Blind people to use the Internet, their home computer, a school or library computer with ease, just as well as they did before they lost their sight.
  • ·         This software magnifies all print on-screen, and allows for color inversion, such as black background with white type in documents. This reduces eyestrain and increases ease of use for people with certain problems, such as light sensitivity.
  • ·         ZoomText 9.1 has a Reader which can be set by the user with either a male voice, known as, ”Paul” or a female voice, known as, “Kate”. The reader reduces eyestrain, allows the functionally or totally blind to use their computer as well as any sighted person. It reads documents, websites, and reads as you type, so you know if you’ve made a typo.


  • ·         This company has been in the business of helping the Visually-Impaired and the Blind for over twenty years.
  • ·         They carry software for PC’s, Macs and Apples, laptops, thumb drives for portable use, such as school and the library. This is great for students.
  • ·         This company also makes reader equipment for Books on Tape, available at most local libraries.

ZoomText software can go a long way toward putting someone back to work, or just giving them a connection to the outside world-the Web- that they might not otherwise have had. It allows people to scan and read their mail, their bills, letters from loved ones, their children’s report cards. ZoomText can give a person back a good deal of independence. If you or someone you know needs this software, you can go to the website mentioned above, or you can ask your ophthalmologist to help you get in contact the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired in your area. If you qualify, this small, little-known section of the local government can help you come up with the resources to get what you need. It will change your life for the better.


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