Modern Warfare 2 Vs. Bad Company 2

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Having played both of these games, I can offer my share of experience and try to make it as unbiased as possible. This is only going to be the experience of one person (me), everyone is different but I hope this will help you in some way. Since it came out first, I will be going over MW2 first, then Battlefield.

Modern Warfare 2

This game was hyped through the roof before its release on November 10th. Fans from Call of Duty 4 were eagerly waiting the next best game. I had never played CoD4, so I was still unbiased. I did however play World at War on the Wii. I didn’t even get the game until a month after its release. When I jumped in, everything was confusing (I had only ever played WWII war games). The confusion passed quickly. My first week of playing this game was full of rage. It seemed as if it was impossible to ever get good compared to these people who had been playing a month longer than me.

The killstreaks in this game are the best of any CoD game. When I had got this game, I could barely manage to get a killstreak high enough to get anything good. I would have to play games where people would hide in the most random of places setting up their own hideout protected with Claymores (motion detecting mines). All they had to do was hide somewhere, give off their position, and wait for someone to hit their claymore. A minute layer, you have to deal with Harriers in the air followed by an Apache gun ship, and if worse, a tactical nuke. Nothing is worse than being spawn camped by a chopper gunner. Modern Warfare makes anyone full of rage when it is not going their way. I have never felt so mad over a game since playing Mario Kart Wii with the wheel that wouldn’t register my movements and make me fall off the course constantly.

There are however good or even great games on Modern Warfare 2. Sometimes you can get into a game and just tear the lobby down with your godly skills. You have just achieved a killstreak of 7 and launched out your own Harrier aircraft followed by your AC130. Nothing can stop you now. You are invincible, your killstreak has reached 25 giving you the famous tactical nuke and you call it in. The countdown is on.. 5..4…3..2…………… WTF!? The game just messes up, it turns out the host of the game jumped to the dashboard. All the work you did in this game was for nothing. Even when you are doing good, you get screwed over in the end.

I have to admit, and if you have played MW2 then you have to admit too, the majority of MW2 players only camp and build up their killstreak. Sure they may be having fun getting killstreaks, but isn’t the point of having a game to play it? Why would you want to play a first person shooter but have to sit in a corner trying to get kills in the most cheap ways possible?

Battlefield Bad Company 2

I had never touched a Battlefield game in my life. I played the Demo of this game and thought it was ridiculous. The turn speed was extremely slow (I was used to speed 8 on MW2). The screen shook up and down when you ran, finding enemies was usual and felt weird when shooting at them. The demo made me field bad about this game. The more I played it though, the better it got, little by little. What I had been going through was a transition. The transition between MW2 and BC2 is extremely hard. It was probably one of the hardest transitions I had since going from Need For Speed (the old ones) to Gran Turismo (Racing simulator).

I used to think MW2 was a very realistic game, minus a few perks here and there. After playing Battlefield, my perspective changed. This game is something I have never played before, a war simulation. Everything is realistic. 

If you have never played a Battlefield game like me, and are coming from a CoD game, you are going to have a very hard time. Is it worth it though? In my opinion, no shooting game was better than CoD. After my first week of playing Battlefield (real game, not demo), I had realized the difference. 

You may go through a game and have a horrible kill/death ratio, but in this game it doesn’t matter much. Whether I win or lose here with the worst of ratios, I can still say I had fun. To add to the fun, there are loads of cars, tanks, helicopters. There is also a remote controlled helicopter used for spotting enemies (UAV). On the subject of spotting, this is another good thing about the game. By pushing the back button (probably select on PS3), you can spot an enemy. What this means is that you saw an enemy, and you are telling your teammates that fact. It will show a tiny red dot above the enemy you saw. Isn’t that realistic enough? If someone killed you but you spotted them, you can rest assured that your team will avenge your death. And if you have a medic nearby, they will revive you, cutting down the time it takes for you to spawn.

Another thing about Battlefield: The environment is whatever you want it to be. Meaning, if someone is camping in a house somewhere, blow it up. You can destroy walls of houses, and even collapse the house to rubble if you desire. You can smash fences with your knife and create a new path for yourself. You can even run down trees with tanks or explosives. A funny thing to do in this game as well is throwing C4 all across a house and go hide somewhere. When the enemies go into the house for whatever reason, you hit the detonator and before you know it the roof is on their heads. Modern Warfare 2? Good luck getting that camper protected by his fortress of claymores and corner camping abilities. Unrealistic if you ask me.


Other differences between the games?  Lot’s of people say Modern Warfare 2 has more weapons, and a wider variety. Well right now I’m going to call those people liars. Modern Warfare 2 has 40 weapons if I’m not mistaken, including the riot shield. I just counted right now–I have 41 weapons on Battlefield Bad Company 2. This number is not including the rocket launchers, or vehicle weapons. If we include the rockets, there are about 45 weapons on Battlefield. Also, if you are a veteran you have access to about 2 guns that nobody else can get. The M1 Garand and something else. Pushing the number up to 47. Battlefield has more weapons, bank on it. These weapons are in the same variety as Modern Warfare. Tons of assault rifles, LMG’s, Sub machine guns, and sniper.

When I go back and play Modern Warfare now, it feels too unrealistic. I feel like i’m playing something like Halo where it is a complete mess. If you want see true war simulation, get Bad Company 2. A rough start is a small price to pay for a great game. If you go through the same change as me, you’ll be glad you did.


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