My Own Version Of Indo-Chinese Chicken

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 Indian dishes are very popular worldwide,because of its wide variety of taste in easy ingredients.People can make it whichever way they want,either too spicy or very low.But in all type the dish has its own appeal.So is the Chinese dishes. And when these two types mixed together what we get is heaven.Here is the dish called the Indo Chinese chicken curry,which has all the spice and flavour of both Indian and Chinese cuisene.This is a very popular dish among my family.I made it very simpler to cook and easy to prepare.

To serve 3 all you need is 500gm chicken cut into small pieces,

soya sauce,tomato sauce,chilly sauce,ginger-garlic paste,black

pepper powder,salt to taste,1/2 tea spoon sugar,1/2 tea spoon

cornflour,ans some chopped vegetables like carrot,spring onion,

tomato,potato,green peas,totaly 1 cup.

How To Prepare..

First take the chicken pieces in a large bowl and mixx all the

ingredients into it except the vegetables.Keep the marinated chicken aside for atleast half an hour.Now put oil in a frying pan,heat the oil nicely and fry all the vegetables nicely by adding a little salt into it.Now add the marinated chicken in to the frying vegetables,mix well.Cover and cook the chicken for 10 minutes,but you have to stir it in the mean time or else it will get birnt at the bottom.You can add a little water if required.After 10 minutes you can check if the chicken is become tender or need some more time to cook.

Now your sweet and sour chicken is ready to serve.You can have it either wiyh steamed fried rice or with naan or chapati.


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