Why Hard Economic Times Can Be Prosperous

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With the economy going in it’s cyntrifical down ward spiral, it is hard for many to stay hopeful that a brighter future will soon exist.  I could go on all day about the many ways our world is suffering, but I don’t want to give you the same feeling I got from doing my research. 

Right now, the internet is so precious, most don’t realize that it truly is the portal to opportunities that will give you the income you are looking for.  So many small business owners and corporations are beginning to gravitate toward what we use for fun, it is enough to make us laugh.  I say that, because those of us who produce user-generated content for fun purposes, not only learned how to create, but we also have learned there are many ways to monetize what we do on our free time so that it is well spent.  So funny how the “Gypsy-hood of the traveling pants” is finally found for delivering meaningful value against all that was once denied. 

It’s almost as if the tables are turned and head CEOs of bourocratic (typo) corporations are beginning to look to us (the skilled laborers) for answers.  What does this mean?  It means the power of the people is more than possible; it just is!  Those who really put in a day are seeing the results they have long deserved to see years ago.  Not only that, but we have the opportunity to drive these “bosses” as our “target market” over to our “opportunities”, but the difference is, we’re not going to fire them or take their pensions away.  An opportunity is not a guarantee.  It is real and is as life long as those who come in want it to be. 

With times gravitating toward those who truly work becoming the leaders, we can finally put the “test” to rest and be assured that our efforts were never wasted through our hard labor.  It is through our labor we have learned the necessary skills and trade to create and innovate the record breaking income levels that most corporations would only dream they could enjoy; let alone truly obtain and manifest.

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Jennifer Korol


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