How laughter can improve your health

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Studies show that there is a link between humor and health. The happier you are, the healthier you will be.   Being happy and having a positive attitude will decrease the level of stress and the hormone cortisol.  Positive thoughts and feelings also increase the release of hormones that help our immune system.  Therefore, it could help fight illness.  To increase your happy factor, try watching more comedy on TV or movies that make you happy.  Laughing improves your social life.  Take your friends out to a comedy club or out to watch a funny flick.  Laughter is also good for relationships.  A good first date could be watching a funny movie or doing something together that makes you laugh.  Relationships that share laughter are happier,  less stressful and last longer.  Laughter not only is a stress reducer, but also lowers your blood pressure and steps up your immune system.  Send out some funny emails or cards to loved ones.  You can text a joke for the day to your friends.

If you’re having a bad day at work, take a break and have a good laugh with some coworkers.  If you have some small children or babies, they are a good cure for the common frown.  Look at pictures that make you happy and photo albums.  Go to church or join support groups.  Take good care of your health and increase your happy factor.  Whenever your feeling  down, depressed, or fustrated, just laugh it off.


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