Dish Network

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We finally have done away with the cable channels and brought home a dish network direct to our home. With the cable we have had so many problems and the number of channels they broadcasted few countable in my finger tips but now with Dish Network, almost all the problems are gone and all the major channels are broadcasted uninterrupted. Dish Network provides digital picture quality and uses the latest technology to give a very happy user experience.

Cable televisions had always some problem with broadcasting of channels but not with Dish Network everything is totally under our control and we don’t have to depend on any third person for getting any channel activated. Last cricket world cup our cable service provider didn’t provide us ESPN Start Sports Channel and we had to watch the matches on Doordarsan which is really poor with its service but now with Dish Network I watch what I want and don’t have to plea to anyone for activating a channel or vise versa.

Dish Network provides high quality picture all the time but during rainy season it does have some problem, sometimes during heavy rainfall the broadcasting is distorted and this is one problem which I have told the customer care plenty of times and hope Dish Network solves the problem soon enough as rainy season is soon arriving and so is the 20-20 cricket world cup and I wouldn’t like to miss is because of the distorted service during the rainy season.

One thing more that I enjoy with Dish network is that the per month cost is cheaper then the cable service provider but the channels we get are far more then its counterparts.


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