Thai massage and its benefits

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Today, a lot of different kinds of massages are being developed and each one has its own approach. Though some are just almost the same but every massage has its uniqueness of making a person restore back his health and feel relaxed. Having to try different kinds of massage will tell on what really fits you.

Have you ever tried getting a Thai massage?

Thai massage is much more stimulating and thorough than any types of massage. Thai massage is more likely doing yoga but instead of you doing the effort, your therapist does it for you with the use of his or her feet, hands, knees, and legs into different types of stretches.

You need the following to start of with Thai massage:

  1. A mat
  2. Comfy clothes

Thai massage takes up to 1 to 2 hours.

The following are what you can gain from Thai massage:

–          Increases circulation and range of motion

–          Enhances flexibility and energy

–          Decreases stress

–          Calming

Safety measures

Massage is not suggested to people who are:

  • Likely to have blood clots because it may dislodge.
  • Pregnant women. Consult first with you doctor if you can have the massage.
  • Massage must not be executed directly on abdominal hernia, sections of latest fractures, bruises, swollen skin, tumors, and wounds.


    1. Answer all questions asked by your massage therapist because he or she will determine if you can have Thai massage or not.
    2. Make sure that you are not stuffed or it’s been at least 2 hours since you have eaten before getting a Thai massage.
    3. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the massage, immediately tell it to your massage therapist. Thai massage should not be painful.

Thai massage is a very soothing type of massage. It helps you calm down and reduces stress.


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