The best times to book your summer 2010 vacation.

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If you want to go camping during the summer of 2010, or take any other type of vacation, like a cruise or all-inclusive resort, there are some things that you can do which will make your simmer vacation more rememberable and firmly reserved.  One of the best and least obvious things that you can do is to book early for any recreational activities you and your group (cult?) are interested in doing.  

When the economy is in a downturn, many people can not afford to do the things that they really want to do in the summer months, and have to forego the family vacation in order to make the mortgage payments.  Booking when the economy is in bad shape is a great time, as the destination just may be desperate for business.

If there are vehicles to be rented, guides to be hired and/or reservations for accommodations to be made, making them as early as possible, preferably late Winter to early Spring, in order to take advantage of any early reservation bonuses like room upgrades or free meals   You may also have to book your reservations well in advance just to ensure that you get a spot, let alone the best spot available.

The best times to book a 2010 summer vacation are the times that the registration office starts taking reservations for the time period that your vacation is planned for.  For vehicle rentals, make sure to book at least 60 to 90 days in advance, to ensure that you get the vehicle that you want, or even the one that you need.  If there is a great RV for rent, and it is available for the time frame that your vacation falls into, you should book the reservation as soon as you have confirmation from your friends, family, coworkers or whomever is going with you on your vacation that they will indeed be going with you, and when.

Once you know how many people are to be involved in the summer vacation, you can start looking for accommodations that suit the group, like two or three camping sites that are together, as well as any rental vehicles.  Staying at the same campsite, but having to setup camp at three different areas of the campgrounds would be a major disappointment for all involved.  The same goes for hotel and motel rooms, as well as for cruise ships, where having three different types of cabins in three different parts of the ship would be more than unfortunate.  The earlier that you book your 2010 summer vacation, the more likely that you are to keep your group together.

The Grand Canyon, for instance, usually has it’s campsites fully reserved six months in advance.  For June 30th, 2010 arrival dates, you should contact the reservations office for the Grand Canyon campsites no later than January 30th, 2010.  The best times to book a 2010 summer vacation in a State, Provincial or Federal Park is the earliest date possible, since they always fill up within days of the registration opening up.

If you are booking reservations for inside another country, the best time to book a 2010 summer vacation would be when that country’s currency is at it’s lowest against your own dollar.  For North American tourists, the best time for Americans to book vacations in Canada would be when the Canadian Loonie is rated low against the American greenback.  The reverse would be best for Canadian travelers wanting to vacation in the US.

Make sure that you book your 2010 summer vacation before all of the spots for where you want to go are all booked up.  Having to look for, and settle for a second-best choice of where to go for your summer vacation in 2010 would be a disappointment for all involved, as the pre-booking excitement of anticipating the upcoming summer holidays would be ruined.  Unless, of course, you happen to get lucky and find an even better place to spend your summer holidays.

Travel safe.  Travel informed.


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