Embraer 195

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Aviation has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last few decades. The Big brothers like Boeing and Airbus are not the only players anymore. Newcomers like the Embraer with the release of models like Embraer 175 and Embraer 195, has penetrated the field with its sophistication.

Aviation is the area of activity with plenty of related research about the flight of aircraft heavier than air, and they are called Streamlined. Often the aviation is incorrectly called as aviation. Aviation is one of the two branches of aeronautics, the other being aerostation.

The Embraer 195 is a jet with the mega capacity of 122 passengers, made in Brazil by Embraer.

Embraer 195 Background

After the success achieved by the regional jets ERJ-145, the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has backed the development of the new kind of aircraft with a capacity between 70 and 90 passengers.

The reasoning is that for destination of shorter distance and remote areas, its better to have the smaller flights which are comfortable and cost effective.

And Embraer 195 is designed to do just that. This is then expanded to 122 passengers to accommodate the passenger requirements.

After the launch of the Embraer 170, Embraer 190, it was the turn of the Embraer 195. The newest and one of the largest airliner family, the Embraer has been certified by the people and the first units delivered in 2006. The newcomer FlyBe was the first operator of the type.

Civil Aircraft Companies:

Take a look at some of the largest civil aircraft manufacturers (in alphabetical order):

  • Airbus (France)
  • Boeing (America)
  • Bombardier (Canada)
  • Embraer (Brazil)
  • Tupolev (Russia)

Just imagine how competitive its going to be to compete with the first two, namely Airbus and Boeing. They have been the primary manufacturers of both civil and commercial aircrafts, and they have a large market base for them.

But with the introduction of Embraer, things are going to change now.

The Embraer E-Jets line is composed of two main commercial families and a business jet variant. The smaller E-170 and E-175 are made up of the base model aircraft, with the E-190 and E-195 being stretched versions, with different engines and larger wing and landing gear structures.

The 170 and 175 share similarities, as like the 190 and 195. These two families have a lot in common, with identical fuselage cross-sections and also the avionics, featuring the Honeywell Primus Epic EFIS suite.


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