The Best Asia Airfare Sites

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Traveling in Asia can be very expensive without knowing some of the key websites that offer cheap airfare around Asia.  Asia has so many wonderful places to see and countless sites to see and the cheaper the airfare, the more money left to spend on enjoying the city that you are visiting.  There are three sites, which doesn’t account for the entire list of cheap sites, but these may be the cheapest in existence.

Air Asia has to be at the top of the list!  Checking this site daily will result in deals that will almost seem like a scam.  However, Air Asia has a good standing reputation and all fares are legitimate.  For example, there are times of the year where fares from Bangkok to Hong Kong can cost only $100 per person.  That is an incredible deal that cannot be found anywhere.  If you are flying within the same country, you can often find tickets under $100.  The key to this site is two-fold:  search early and search often!  Searching early will almost always result in very low prices, but sometimes, they will run specials between certain days and incredible prices can be found.  Air Asia is definitely a good way to find cheap airfare around Asia!

China Airlines is another great site to find cheap airfare around Asia!  The prices are very low and the smart thing about this site layout is that they give you other dates with their corresponding prices to let you know that some days are cheaper than others to fly out on or return on.  China Airlines also will allow you to cancel your airline reservation for a small fee, which comes up to less than $100!  Many websites will not allow you to cancel, but China Airlines will and that adds a value to this site that many other companies do not have.  Search for your cheap airfare and if you ever find a significantly cheaper fare, cancel this one and book the other one for a low cost!

Expedia is a great site as well for booking cheap airfare around Asia!  Expedia offers great deals, especially in advance.  Additionally, if you ever have time to play around on Expedia, try booking a possible flight that you might be interested in and choose select.  Many times, the next screen will give you a lower price than the one quoted in the previous screen.  This will save a good amount of money, but you have to initiate the sale by selecting the fare.  Expedia is a great way to find cheap airfare around Asia!

These sites are not just limited to Asia, but offer fares in many other cities!  They are, however, a very good area to try and find very good airfares around Asia!


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