The Royal Orchid Sheraton Bangkok

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As a Starwood preferred guest living in Thailand, I have tried the Royal Orchid Sheraton on numerous occasions!  This place is definitely a keeper as you stay in Bangkok and should be experienced by every traveler. Starwood does a great job of keeping their hotels the same all over the globe, in terms of quality of experience.  The beds are the best in the world and very comfortable and the location of this hotel is perfect for romance, business, or family fun, whatever the occasion!  The Royal Orchid Sheraton is situated on the Chrao Phraya River and in fact, tours and cruises of the river are practically right next door.  Exit the hotel and turn left and River Pier is a stone’s throw away for all your touring and cruising necessities.

The Royal Orchid Sheraton has a very balanced feel to it in that it is very regal and at the same time, very casual and has a relaxing atmosphere.  Equipped with a terrace pool and garden pool, swimming can be fun and exciting and at the same time!  This hotel has a private garden for your enjoyment and massage and spa treatments are also available for your comfort!  If business is the goal of the use of this hotel, there are 20 luxurious and spacious rooms to choose from that can play host to over a thousand people!  They also offer wedding packages for your pleasure if you so desire!

This hotel has a lot to offer in the food area as well!  They have several restaurants including cuisine from Italy, American, and of course delicious Thai food!  The elegance of the environment adds to the value of the meal and the service of the wait staff.  The price and atmosphere is well worth it.  For one night, a person that stays at the hotel, and eats dinner there can expect to pay around $150 U.S. or 5000 baht, and the value far outweighs the price paid.

Starwood has out-done themselves again with the Royal Orchid Sheraton hotel in Bangkok!  The view, the hotel, the staff and the city all pack a powerful combination that cannot be found in too many other venues in the city.  A wonderful place for anyone of any class that will leave you talking for days!


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