The Chase Speedway Mastercard Incentive Program

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The Chase Speedway Mastercard is a wonderful way to rack up points and earn great prizes in many different areas.  The only negative aspect to the card is that there are only a certain number of Speedway gas stations in the U.S., so the ability to earn points quickly applies only when at a Speedway.  Other points can be earned at other locations, but not as many.  All in all, this card has wonderful customer service and an easy to use card and may be exactly what you have ever dreamed of in a rewards credit card.

The first aspect to consider when considering this card is the way to earn points!  Earning points can be accomplished anywhere, including overseas!  The fastest way to earn points is to use the card at a Speedway gas station, in which 40 extra points per dollar is earned in addition to the points earned for the purchase.  If the card is used at a location other than Speedway, the point value is 10 points per dollar plus the value of the purchase.  Additionally, specific purchases made at Speedway, like coffee, hot dogs, etc… will accumulate for a free drink or hot dog after so many purchases are made.  The best thing to do is to make Speedway the gas station of choice and use the card to get gas and let the card work for you!  Just make sure and pay the card off each month and watch the rewards pile up!

The other aspect of the card is of course the rewards!  The redemption center includes all different types of gifts from nachos, to snacks, to sandwiches, to car washes.  For the upper level points, you can redeem for gift cards to places like Applebee’s, Radio Shack, Outback and Lowe’s just to name a few.  The ultimate rewards are earned by letting the points accumulate and then redemption can be made for $100 or $200 fuel cards.  These cards also include a 3 cents off per gallon along with the card.

The Chase Speedway Mastercard is a great card with tons of benefits for members that casually use the card all the way up to the frequent card user.  I can say firsthand that the card is valuable because I have been a member for over 3 years and have cashed in several times for the big fuel cards and many times for smaller prizes.  A definite keeper of a card!


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