A Trip to the River Kwai

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One of the most historical sites in Asia is the bridge over the River Kwai!  Located in Kanchananburi, outside of Bangkok, a person can see the rebuilt bridge.  The bridge itself is still used and an occasional train will pass over the bridge.  The bridge was made linking Thailand to Burma because the Japanese had a front there during World War II and people and supplies would be moved across the border.  To construct this bridge, the ruthless Japanese used British, Australian, and Dutch soldiers just to name a few.  Many men died there due to the brutality of the Japanese and the heat was also a big factor.  That province is one of the hottest in Thailand and sometimes, temperatures would reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and if someone is working from sun up until sun down in that heat, they have a good chance of dying.  A visit to the bridge over the River Kwai is a very sobering moment as you stand on the bridge that over 160,000 people stood on and died in the process of making that bridge.  Walking across the bridge puts you there a few decades ago and has a very real feeling to it!

Additionally, a visitor to the bridge can also see the graveyard to commemorate the loss of the lives at the bridge!  The grounds are kept very meticulous and this is a reminder of the people who gave their lives during the second world war.  Close to the bridge, there is a little museum which sort of portrays what those days were like.  The museum contains many different uniforms from different countries that participated in the war.  There are also various different types of weapons that can be seen there.  Outside of the museum, one can buy currency that was used during the war.and also books are available that detail the history of the bridge in full.

This may be the most history oriented site in Thailand about the Second World War.  It is impossible to go to the bridge over the River Kwai and not feel a lot of emotion.  The site is held in high regards by veterans and the Thai people have done an excellent job of making it a memorial to those who lost their lives.


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