How to Lead A Group of Salespeople

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Being a salesman can be a very stressful job!  The pressure is intense and sometimes, the paycheck is based solely on commission.  Furthermore, the manager of such a group deals with a lot of turn around because some people cannot make enough sales, and in some sales jobs, the pressure gets too intense and sometimes, the money even drops.

1) Motivation!  There are so many different ways to motivate a sales person, but other ways that are extremely successful!  Here are a few ideas:

a)  Big days!  Have at least 2 big days a year where the management staff will go all out for prizes and have a huge sales day.  Create a theme and have everybody on the same page.  Offer any customer who signs up on that day, a discount and instruct your employees to save a huge file of people who were not interested due to the money.  When that day comes, call those people and offer them the discount.

b)  Have different types of contests!  Give each sales representative a base number of sales, according to their skill level and whoever goes the most over their base, allow them to be the manager for the day.

c)   Offer a day off work or a bonus on their paycheck if somebody can reach a certain amount of sales.  This may not be popular, but if people make an extraordinary amount of sales, that will cover the day they miss.

2)  Teamwork!  If a manager notices somebody struggling, instead if waiting for them to miss their mark and lose their job, pair them up with the best and have them watch how they do it for a week.  It may seem like this is a waste of payroll, but if the poor sales person learns things from the best sales person, they will recover the money lost by them just watching.  That is what peers are there for, to help out the weaker one that is having a tough time.

3)  Encouragement!  There is nothing like a manager coming up to you and telling you that they believe in you!  This may be one of the most inspirational things a leader of sales people can do.  Encourage your people and watch their attitude result in more sales.

Leading a group of sales people is not easy, but with time and practice, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs!


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