Charles Barkley wife: Maureen Blumhard

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Maureen Blumhard is Charles Barkley’s wife. She is definitely going to be upset over his recent DUI arrest and admitting to the police that he was picking up a woman for some fun. The police saw him pick up a woman during the arrest. Charles failed to stop at a red light. He was with the woman a week prior to the arrest. He admitted to the police or maybe he’s too drunk to know what he’s talking about. Maureen Blumhard has a kid with Barkley also.

They have a child together and they have been married for over twenty years. She does have a video about her on youtube advertising a work out machine. She’s a caucasian women but that doesn’t matter although some people wonder about her. Charles Barkley is trying to resolve his issue now and he got his commercial cancel from Tmobile because of the DUI and what he said in the tape.



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