Dogs Health Risk And Health Benefits to Humans

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Dog is a good pet , named to be as mans best friend because of its versatility in doing different task which is useful to humans. Dogs also provides health benefits as well as health risk to humans.

The waste of feces of dogs found to have Toxocora Canis Egg which have been pointed that can cause Toxocariasis. Studies in the United States found that there are about 10,000 cases of Toxocora infections in humans reporteed each year. Reports also claims that almost 14% of the U.S population is infected.

In the Great Britain, the samples of soils taken from public parks found to be 24% contaminated with Toxocora Canis Egg. Toxocoriasis when unthreatened can cause retinal damage and decrease of vision.

Feces of dogs not only contain Toxocora Canis Eggs but also found to have hookworms that causes Cutaneous Larvia Migrans in humans.

Dog bites are also fatal to humans considering that some dogs might be contaminated with Rabies. There are several cases throughout the world causing life casualties involving dog bites and Rabies to humans.

Dogs are also associated with road accidents that causes serious injuries often times involving two-wheeled vehicles.

On the other hand, dogs also provides some health benefits. There is a growing body of research which shows that the companionship of pet such as dogs can provide enhancement to humans physical and psychological health.

Some dogs and cats owners have been shown to have better mental as well as physical health compared to those people who do not own pets. Study also shows that there are minor health problem significant reduction among the new pet owners, during the first month following the acquisition of pets. Dog owners also performs more physical exercise because sometimes they tend to associate with their dogs and the involves walking, running,and some extra activities. (pagelines pro)

In this study, the peoples, without pets did not exhibit significant changes in their health or in their behavior.

The result conducted provide an evidence that having pet may have positive effects on humans health. Survival ihumans are also associated on pet ownership. The study suggest that pet ownership will increase the chances of survival from this disease with dog owners being significantly less likely to die within one year from an acute infarction compared to those who does not own dogs as their pets.

These health benefits is a result from contacts or close association with dogs, not just having or owning dogs.

Other than these, the benefits of close associations or contacts with dogs also provides social support. This is possible considering that dogs aside from providing companionship, they also act as facilitators of social interactions between humans

Dogs and other animals were use as part of therapy since the late 18th century. The animals were introduced into a mental institution in order to help socialize people with mental disorders.


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