Chinese New Year in Las Vegas

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The Chinese New Year is coming up and you can expect to see many festival and decoration around your town. You may recognize this as Chinese New Year if you’re not celebrating it. You may see busy street and crowded parking lots if you live near one of the areas that they’re having the festival celebration. Whether you celebrate it or not you can always participate by being a volunteer, vendors or just a goer. You can experience the culture, food and fun.

There should be a festival in each major city like OC and LA. Las Vegas will also be decorating their casino lavishly to welcome the Chinese New Year and their guest. I saw the decoration at Bellagio and it was one of the best. They have red lantern, dragons, and New Year flowers all over their garden. You can enjoy the view of the New Year if you happen to be in Vegas. If you’re not familiar with it you can expect that it’s just how they celebrate their New Years. Most casino here will have decoration and specials for you so you can be sure that you’ll have a great time here in Vegas.


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