Squatters on the Roof

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Squatters on the Roof 

Just a glimpse of a rapid but unnoticeable issue on humanity. How, what and why an over population of each country inhibit our planet.

In Asia, culture is very much practice, especially celebration of holidays like town fiesta, Halloween, Christmas time and Holy week. Every time these festivals is approaching, the rural flock to bus stations, shipping yards, and airports to meet the date at their urban spots. Not to speak about their very own specific, colorful, and jubilant celebration that is flock by tourist, I just want to convey how they manage to transport from the city to their provinces.

Metro Manila to any point of the country, by land, sea, or air transport are jam pack. There are even sea tragedy that results to ship sinking because of over loading of passengers. Passengers stranded at bus station that need the same number of buses who left to accommodate them. Passengers at the air ports need to stay over-night waiting for the next flight.

Here are approximates statics of population of the Philippines:

year 1800 – 1.5 M

year 1900 – 7.6 M

year 1990 – 60.7 M

year 2000 – 76.5 M

year 2007 – 88.5 M year 2010 – approximately 92.2 M
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The following are other countries and the world:

US 308 M / CHINA 1.3B as of 2008 / The World 6,799,314,495/643 as of this morning a 139 births per second,.

I should look for other countries population statistics but I might be troubled for the result. Please see below about Africa. China’s One Child Policy is another and the worst thing is the Abortion option.

A serious shortage on food and water, oil and worse comes to worst clean air will be a scarcity.

I don’t want to think on this but every time I go to work, I ride the Light Rail Transit, an elevated electronic train, I always see the squatters on the roof.

Photo from flicker 1. beside riverside 2. beside railroad

With the highest birthrate of any continent, Africa is projected to grow to two billion by 2050. Women in sub-Saharan Africa bear an average of 6 children each. Life expectancy is low (Sierra Leone: 34 years, Zambia: 37 years, other countries: 40–49 years) compared to the developed countries.

The fastest growing region on earth, Africa faces the most serious shortages of food and water.


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