How to save money when renting an RV.

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Camping is one of the more common vacations for North Americans, we just can’t seem to get enough of the sounds of nature at night, and the roar, snap and sizzle of the campfire.  We see what seems like thousands of times more stars than we see from within city limits, and we have the occasional encounter with wildlife, like rabbits, turtles, snakes, wolves, deer, moose, bobcats and rednecks, to name but a few.  For when a group of people decide that they are going to go for a long road trip, to camp along the way and enjoy the back roads of America, knowing some money saving tips for renting an RV will make your trip all the more comfortable and relaxing.

The Internet provides you with a wealth of information, as well as personal ads, personal advertising sites like Craigslist or eBay, and public bartering websites.  You can use these sites, and others like them, to look for people who own RVs and are looking to rent them for a week to a month or longer.  With the private rental, you can get mileage included, and the insurance is simply on the owner’s policy, no extra fees.  You can also browse RV rental businesses, and many will have your RV delivered to your door for the first day of your rental agreement.  They may also pick it up when you are done, but make sure that it is very clean before returning it, as the cleaning bills can add hundreds of dollars to the rental cost.

There are many smaller RV rental sites that offer great deals for renting an older RV, or even better deals if you book two or more of them, a few months in advance.  You can minimize your costs when renting RVs by renting older models.  If you are the more outdoorsy type, you can bring tents along for camping at night if large groups are involved, or if you simply prefer to sleep in a more rugged situation.

Money saving tips for renting an RV would also include bargaining with the owner.  If they are asking $1,200 per week, plus ten cents per mile, then that could add up to a major expense once the driving is done.  Talking the owner into including mileage for a slightly higher rental fee will save you a lot of money, which can be used for other things, like gas, lodging and meals

With the Internet, you are not restricted to renting an RV from your home town.  Simply browse RV rentals by price, and within a certain distance of your home.  It would cost you probably two days’ more rental fees if you rent from an RV rental business or private owner, since you would have to go get it, bring it home to pack and get ready, and then return it after cleaning it out an up after your vacation.  Agreeing with the owner that a certain percentage of the total rental fee would be returned if the RV were to be returned in re-rental shape would also bring down the cost of your RV rental.

One more way to get the best deal on an RV rental is to gas it up to completely full before returning it.  Rental companies and private owners alike can charge pretty much whatever price they want for gasoline, so make sure that you fill it up at a local gas station before returning it.  You did use the gasoline, after all, and you would be saving from $0.50 to over a dollar per litre of gas (there is a little over 4 litres per gallon) by filling the tank yourself.

So, take a look around at the private owners who want to rent out their older RVs while they are not using them, in order to find the best deal possible for renting an RV for your holiday.


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