Update On Losing Pets

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It’s been three nights and I haven’t cried yet.  I did all the crying when the vet told me Boots, my cat,  had a tumor in her ear that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to entirely remove.  I thought about the likelihood that he’d die while he was operating or not come out of the anesthesia, especially when he said she was slow to come out of it went he stitched up the wound on her neck.  I had just lost a cat about a month earlier at the vet’s office.  I decided to bring Boots home and let her live out the rest of her life where she would be most comfortable.

Even though the tumor kept growing she did not show signs of being in pain.  It seemed to be more of a nuisance and itch.  She would then scratch herself sore.  She had a strong will to live, however, and was eating right up until the last morning of her life.  Some days she would eat a lot and other days very little but she always managed to eat a few bites, even when I think she was having trouble swallowing.

I told myself and everyone who I talked about her to that I expected that someday I would be out and come home to find her dead and that came true.  I had been out on Friday and when I came in I went to check on her food, which she hadn’t finished.  I was about to dump it and put down fresh food but she had not come to the kitchen when I did, as was her custom.  I looked at the pillow she laid on and did not see her.  A closer look discovered her lying on her side beside the pillow.  Her legs were straight out with the top ones staying stiff in the air.  Her mouth and eyes were open.  The top of her head was under the edge of a love seat.  I gently pulled her out and put her on the pillow.  I then called a friend.

My friend told me to wrap her in a plastic bag and put her between the two back doors where the body would stay cold.  I put towels around her instead and put her in a carrier because I thought I would take her to the vet to have her disposed of the next day.

On Saturday I called 311 before I called the vet’s office to see what they would tell me to do.  They said I could take her to Animal Care and Control myself or put her in a plastic bag and in a box and leave her by the garbage and they would make a report to have them come and get her.  I called the vet’s office and was told there would be a charge if I took her to them, so I reluctantly boxed her up and took her down to the garbage as quickly as I could because I did not want to miss the Animal Care and Control pick up.


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