Smokey, My First Cat

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My mother and I never had a cat.  We didn’t even want one.

Dogs had been our favorite pets.  The two we’d had were fun.

But on a cold and wintry night, a cat came scratching at our door,

A grey one we had seen prowling in the yard before.

We opened the door and in he came.

Our lives would never be the same.

Mom named him Smokey because of his hue.

He seldom would let out a mew

He was loving and playful and soon won us over.

But this cat was also a bit of a rover.

He’d sneak out of the house and be gone a few days.

After awhile, we got used to his ways.

Once we thought his future was bleak.

He had been gone for close to a week.

Smokey often visited the neighbors upstairs.

While they were moving out, he crept in unawares.

No one noticed the cat as they did their chores.

When the apartment looked empty, they locked all the doors.

The apartment above us was vacant once more.

I heard noise, like a young child running the floor.

A woman in the building across the way,

Saw a cat sitting in those windows one day.

She called us and we notified maintenance.

Who let us into the empty residence.

Smokey had gotten in , but couldn’t get out.

He was not able to meow out a shout.

When he heard me all him, he made a reply

I picked him up and breathed out a sigh.

After I carried him back to his home,

Smokey lost his urge to roam.


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