How to make some spare cash recycling

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Step 1: Locate a recycling center nearest you.

Step 2: Make or buy some recycling boxes r ns to throw your bottles and cans in to.

Step 3: Find a spot to put you recycling containers. I put mine in my garage.

Step 4: Organize your containers, have one be for cans, one for plastic bottles, and ne for glass bottles.

Step 5: Fill up your recycling containers and turn in your bottles and cans for cash. I usually get around 25 dollars every time i fill up my containers.

Tips: Make sure you do all of these steps to get the most out of your bottle and can buiness.

Warnings: Make sure you find out where the recycling center is located nearest you.

Well thats all you need to get started on your new little side buisness. So help save the enviornment and recycle your bottles and cans.

How they pay you: When you first arrive at your recycling center, you will drive in, then park your car then load all your bottles and cans into these seperate metal crates. They usually have a plastic can for your glass bottles. After you filled up these crates someone will usually come up and grab yor crates to go weigh them, you stay with that guy and he will weigh them and write down some weird numbers on is paper and hand it to you. Next you take that paper and stand in the line where they pay you the cash. When you get up to the window you hand them the paper and they will have you sign this reciept. After you sign it they will give you the cash and thats it. ENJOY!


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