How to replace your cars brake pads

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How To: Change Your Front Brakes

We have all heard the sound before, you step on your brake pedal and your hear a loud squeaking sound from the ftont of the car, thats your brakes telling you they need replacing.  Most brake pads these days are equipped with a metal tab that when the brake pad is low enough it will contact the brake rotor and cause that ominous squeaking sound.  Changing front disc brakes are a very easy job, as long as your have the right tools, and a little bit of know how.

Raise vehicle off of ground with jack, using pinch weld or frame

Remove front wheel

You will now be looking at the brake rotor and caliper

Locate the two large bolts behind the caliper and remove them. Using a pry bar of large screwdriver remove the caliper from the kuckle

Check to see if the brake rotor is bolted to the hub, if so remove the bolt, if not the rotor should come free easily, you may need to use a hammer to tap the rotor free from the rust

 Install new brake rotor

Re-install caliper to knuckle, install bolts very tight

Now on the caliper there are two smaller bolts that attach the caliper piston to the bracket

Remove the lower bolt and flip the caliper upwards( you may need to remove both bolts, but usually not)

Now you have access to the brake pads

Slide the brake pads out of the caliper bracket, noting how they were installed

Replace caliper hardware if it came with your new pads, if not re-use the old hardware

Now install your new brake pads into the hardware on the brake caliper bracket

Now you need to compress the caliper piston, this can be done using a large pair of pliars, or a special tool, press until the piston is flush with the rest of the caliper

Now remove the caliper slide pins and lubricate with brake grease

Install caliper slide pins

Installed Brake caliper onto bracket.

Tighten bolts

Move the caliper side to side to make sure it is free

Install wheel

Use these steps for the other side

When you are finished may sure before you start the car you pump your brake pedal 10 times to allows the piston to come back out to the new pads, if not YOUR CAR WILL NOT STOP. Well I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it, thanks alot and happy wrenching.


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