How to change your vehicles oil

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How To Change Your Oil

Every 3 months of 3,000 miles it is time yet again to get the oil changed in your vehicle, most people usually take their car to a mechanic to get this service preformed, this can cost 25-40 US dollars.  To save a lot of money on car maintenance all you need is some time, a few tools and a little bit of know how.

1. Check owners manual or online to find out how much oil your car requires

2. Goto auto parts store, buy required amount of oil and select a oil filter with the provided books

3. Raise vehicle on jack or ramps

4. locate the engine oil pan, this is usually located to the right front ot the engine.

5. at the bottom of the oil pan you will find a large bolt, this is the oil drain plug

6. locate a suitable container to store the oil in

7. carefully remove the oil drain plug and position container so oil goes in it

8. let drain untill just dripping, then re-install the oil draing plug

9. locate the oil filter ( you can look at the one you purchased as a reference)

10. Remove the oil filter(unscrew, lefty loosey), by hand of with oil filter pliers

11. check where the oil filter meets the engine to see if the gasket was left behind

12. take some fresh motor oil and rub it around the gasket of the new oil filter

13. screw on new oil filter until tight then give one last turn

14. wipe any excess oil with old rag

Tip: Most auto part stores are used oil/filter collection centers. so you can take the used oil and filter back to the parts store where they can properly dispose of it


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