How to find the best deals on all inclusive resorts.

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When we travel, we expect to get the biggest bang for our buck as possible, and the all-inclusive resorts offer a one-price vacation.  Many all-inclusive resorts have a price plan that has no extra fees at all, even if you want to use Sea-Dos and go water skiing, para-sailing, scuba diving and rock climbing.  Other resorts may have minimal inclusions, and a lot of extra fees and charges.  The utmost best way to find the best deals on all-inclusive resorts is to personally contact the resorts you are interested in, and ask exactly what is and is not included.

Finding the right fit for your lifestyle and finances will help you to find the best deals on all-inclusive resorts.  Finding an all-inclusive package deal that includes all airfare and airport related costs and fees, transportation to and from the airports at both your home and your final destination, as well as the use of recreational vehicles should be your quest to have the most fun for the lowest cost.

If the package deal only includes accommodations and meals, first ask whether drinks and snacks are included in the prices, and if not could they please send you a cost list of everything that is not included in the package deal.  You may just get an “oh, wait.  There just may be a cancellation for an upgraded cabin” response to your queries.

With that in mind, when looking into an all-inclusive resort, the first thing that you should ask is what all is included in the all-inclusive package deal.  Some resorts use their own form of money, and tipping can be forbidden, or it can be suggested through word of mouth, and in blogs on the Internet, for better service.  Before making any transactions, you should always look at Internet blogs about resorts that you are thinking of booking a vacation to, as they will have personal stories about recent visits, and detail the good, the bad and the ugly.

A young family that does not drink alcohol may want a different package than a young couple with no children, or a retired couple, or even a group of co-workers.  The resort would be the place to call to find out exactly what is included.  You can also contact them over the Internet, or find out what is and is not included at specific resorts through your local travel agent.  Make sure that the resort and the travel agent, or on-line booking agent have the same prices and inclusions,.  If not, contact the resort itself, through it’s website, and explain the  differences and ask for what is and is not really included.

Your local travel agent is still one of the best ways to find the best deals on all-inclusive resorts, and they will also provide vacation insurance, in case the resort or air carrier goes bankrupt or has other problems.  These nasty scenarios can rear their ugly heads just before you leave, while you are there, or just as you are about to come back home.  Being stranded in southern Mexico, with no valid air tickets to get home, could be a costly venture, when added to what you had already paid for your all-inclusive resort.

Travel safe.  Travel informed.


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