Final Fantasy XIII Final Boss Guide – Orphan, Second Form.

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Orphan’s second form is much easier to defeat that his first. Don’t worry about the doom counter placed on your party leader at the start of the battle- this will be over long before it counts out!

A quick libra will reveal that Orphan is immune to physical and magical attacks. The solution is simple- the rules of this conflict change when Orphan is staggered. As usual, start off with your buffs- especially the offensive ones like faith and bravery. Next switch to relentless assault and start building that chain gauge. Once Orphan is staggered, you can inflict damage on it is normal. Go full out offensive here, he will remain staggered for a very long time, so you can lay down some serious hurt. Commandoes with the launch skill will also be able to Juggle Orphan to stop him attacking you- but he can still use one light attack while in the air, so keep an eye out. Tri disaster is also good for the raw DPS.

Orphan will unleash a super attack called rebirth after recovering from a stagger, so be prepared to go on the defensive and heal up once he does so. This attack also gives Orphan some buffs, so dispel those before proceeding.  Re apply buffs, and repeat. You should be able to kill Orphan on the second stagger if all goes well.

Orphan’s attacks are not very problematic, his basic attack does moderate damage and knocks everyone over, beyond that none of the other attacks are a cause for concern, so don’t feel the need to do any special preperations.

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