Final Fantasy Xiii Final Boss Guide – Orphan First Form.

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Let me say one thing now. Characters that do not have the reprieve skill will be sorely tested here. You NEED that skill, or very high HP to survive Orphan’s Merciless Judgement attack- which he’s kind enough to show you right of the bat.

As soon as this attack resolves, go right into your most defensive healing paradigm. Combat clinic is a good one, as it well help you survive any follow up attacks. Once everyone’s back in the green, it’s time to strike back!

Start off by buffing your party to hell and back. You need everything you can muster here, switch to healing and back to buff if that’s what it takes, but make sure you have at least shell, protect, haste, faith and bravery. You can actually debuff Orphan with imperil, deshell and deprotect too. If you can pull it off, this will make the fight much shorter, but Orphan has very high resistances so don’t waste time trying to do it over and over again.

To go on the offensive, build Orphan’s chain gauge with relentless assault, switching to diversity if (when) you need to heal up. Once the chain gauge is full, switch to tri disaster for maximum impact, unless you have a very powerful commando, and/or deprotect on Orphan, at which point relentless assault will serve you well. Remember, always end a stagger with the 5 ATB segment super attack!

Staggering Orphan isn’t hard, except he can clear his chain gauge, as I will discuss in a moment.

The basics of this battle are simple. Keep the buffs up, keep your health above about 75%, and remember that you need to be aggressive to win- you can’t defend your way to victory!

Of course, it’s not quite that simple, so let’s take a look at what Orphan can throw at you over the course of this battle. Firstly, he alternates between two forms, consummate light and consummate darkness. Each time he switches he uses the aforementioned merciless judgement attack. Priority one there is to go into combat clinic, or whatever healing paradigm you like (I use protection myself, to take the chance to re buff). In the second mode, Orphan can heal himself.

Later in the battle, Orphan will adopt both stances at once, healing and attacking at the same time! Just keep your attacks up though and the healing should prove to be a minor annoyance. Once orphan does this, Merciless judgment comes in at random, so pay special attention to keeping your party fighting fit. Diversity will help greatly.

Orphan has a few other attacks, but none are very nasty. There is one which can poison and silence your entire party, but a dispelga can help there. I know it gets rid of your buffs, but trust me- needing to rebuff is better than being spelless!

Progential wrath can cause you some very nasty problems as it has a chance of insantly killing the person it hits. Of course, if this is your party leader then Orphan wins instantly! many of the comments below will help you in defending your party leader from the death effect, but I prefer to just power through- as you can see in my video review.

So keep everyone’s HP in the green, go full offence when you can, and try to maintain your buffs. Go hell for leather when you stagger Orphan, and you should win out fine. On a final note, Orphan will not attack while staggered, so if you’re in bad shape or your buffs are running out, you may want to pass up the opportunity for damage to heal your party instead.

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