Final Fantasy Xiii Orphan’s Cradle Boss Guide- Barthandelus, Third Encounter

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This guy just doesn’t know when to quit! I don’t know if it’s because I spent some time grinding before heading into orphan’s cradle, or if what I’m about to say really is this the case, but I found Barthandelus’ third form to be the easiest of all the fights with him.

Start off by getting everyone buffed, and try to inflict some debuffs on Barthandelus too. De shell, de protect and imperil all work very well, then gear into an offensive paradigm such as relentless assault. To build up Barthandelus’s chain gauge.

Barthandelus has only a few tricks up his sleeve here. The first is ultima, which is actually pretty weak, so just make sure you switch to a defence paradigm before it’s launched and it will do minimal damage. Thanatosian laughter makes a comeback, this can inflict some serious harm on you, but again it’s telegraphed so just go defensive and then re start the attack. So long as your health is above 70% and you have protect in place, thanatosian laughter should not be a serious problem.

Remember you can use diversity to keep your DPS up while you heal.

Beyond that, this is a pretty straight forward boss. Just hit him hard and fast, keep your buffs in place and try to keep him debuffed if you can. I’ve heard that barthandelus will cast doom on the party leader if this battle goes on for too long, but to be honest so long as you have your hardest hitters in the party and you keep your head on straight, you can wrap this up in about 7 minutes- maybe less.

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