Does God exist?

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I would give an enthusiastic ‘yes’. But not necessarily and literally the way some would perceive the existence of a supreme being as a ‘fatherly-figure’ with a long white beard sitting on a throne, with the angels and cherubs gathered around him. The interpretations of God came from the way “God” is perceived by mankind in his limited three dimensional reality. In our limited understanding of God, we cannot grasp the true dimensions and realities of a supreme being.

Quantum physics is just starting to explore the reality of other dimensions and parallel realms. But still our knowledge of that is even very limited and sparse. We have barely started to grasp complicated sciences and theorems. But in our limited scientific understanding of the universe, there is lots of room for the existence of a God. Even many hardened skeptical scientists practice some form of worship of a divine being. Our limited understanding of a universal creator may not be a fatherly figure, sitting on a throne, but some kind of intelligent being, beings-or even intelligent forms of energy. After all, the Old Testament of the Bible says: “Let us make man in OUR image…” A plural terminology for a supreme being that eventually shifted to one God.

There is an order to all life on the Earth that did not necessarily come from evolution or chance. There is also an order to all planets, all solar systems and galaxies. Something that strongly suggests a creator had some hand in it. At the very least tweaking and modifying existing creations, theorems and rhythms of the universe. Like a celestial conductor, this supreme creator, whom we know loosely as “God” at the very least helped to jump start life throughout the universe in a grand organization…or re-organization of all life throughout the universe..

If god is an intelligent form of energy, perhaps it gave part of its energy to the Big Bang creation of the universe. God may very well be advanced and intelligent form of energy, beyond our limited comprehension of all, residing in other quantum realities…and our own reality as well. Something akin to a spirit-as many have said that God really is. But the ‘spirit’ of God may be in a sense a spirit to our limited understanding, but more than likely a super adanced form of intelligent energies, radiating with unbelievable power from its celestial realm.

This energy may resemble us in every way, as we sprung from its essence. Through it giving us life, we have a piece of it in every one of us. This piece of God may very well be our soul-attuned to the higher celestial planes of existence. in effect, we are like the creator: timeless and immortal, through a soul, that may be the energy and etheric counterpart of God. Heaven, as others have perceived it, is just another quantum reality or realities, where God resides.

An amazing concept, no doubt. But something that even science may invariably agree with in the ages to come. But it will be phrased in the most scientific of ways by many of the scientists-as humanity slowly and irrevocably evolves in its understanding of an incredible beyond belief universe-away from its narrow, spatial understanding of all. Does god exist? Absolutely, in one form or another, and so intimately connected to not just the other quantum realities, but all life from the tiniest bacteria to the most advanced and intelligent of all living and on-living beings.


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