Final fantasy XIII Orphan’s cradle boss guide- Wladislaus

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One way or the other, the battle against Wladislaus will be over very quickly. This fight will be decided mainly in the first minute of combat. Wladislaus attacks with considerable speed and power, his basic attack can also do massive damage, and will knock out any non sentinel character in about 3-4 hits.

There are two ways to defeat this boss. The first is to cast all your usual buffs, but you probably need a healer and/or a sentinel to keep your party alive while you do this. Ensure any physical attack has an EN spell on them, as Wladislaus is vulnerable to all elements. Once that’s done, try to go on the all out offensive and destroy him quickly, dropping back into healing paradigms as needed.

The second way is similar to the above, but uses the delta attack paradigm to keep Wladislaus off your more vulnerable party members. Again, make sure anyone with physical attacks has an EN spell on them to give their attack an element.

Wladislaus has only one special attack, mounting contempt. This is exactly the same as his regular attack, except before it he inflict deshell and deprotect on the target. Assuming you already have the buff versions of these in place, all it will do is dispel them. On the other hand if you do not, then that character is in for a world of pain- so you might want to switch to the defensive.

However you choose to defeat this boss, it should be over very quickly (I did it in 1 min 40 seconds).

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