My Wish

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I wanted to drink water, but the water was too wet. Wet and empty. Empty and invisible. It couldn’t really give me anything material, real or comprehensible.

Still thirsty, I looked for the elixir of eternal life, thinking that perhaps it would have a better taste or effect.

I should be so right!

But I haven’t found it yet…

Many questions without answers. Many answers, without solutions. Many illusions…

Where is the truth?

Who cares…

The truth is everywhere, but nobody sees it, because it is invisible like water.

Only the sun can denounce its existence with its rays, because they make it shine and appear, at least for a few moments, during the year…

At least for a few eyes and for a few souls.

Somewhere, someone will certainly see it and discover its mystery.

This vision will completely change the entire course of human history and never again will the human race be so blind and so thirsty.

But until this day arrives, my words are empty.

I wanted to write this article in order to give you peace, wisdom, happiness, success, joy and freedom…

Have my website permanently in your window, giving you ideas, motivation, courage, inspiration, the true image of reality, everything that occurs on the Earth’s globe, everything you care about, everything you like, everything you are looking for, and much more…

However, only my desire will inspire you today, because I cannot give you anything material.

Take my abstract intention and keep it in mind.

It is invisible, but as real as a secret mission.

Someday you may find its continuation and transform it into fact.

Today it is only a promise that depends on your collaboration, imagination and disposition…


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